Welcome all elephant's lover to Chang Siam, Chiangmai. Our elephant park is located in the heart of natural forest which is a proper habitat environment for elephants to live happily. Our goal that we try to achieved is not only to treated elephant well but also to create the consciousness of caring the elephant and their habitat environment among the local villagers by provide them an employment and support the local activities related to balancing and preserving the natural environment to their heritage.
            Our unique Chang Siam activities are different from other elephant camps by we present the distinctive experience to our guest. Typically, the tourist who came to visit Chiangmai mostly go to riding the elephant in the basket, take some photos with elephant or attend an elephant show that imitate the human behaviors. But our activities are intend to let the visitors having a great experience with elephant by learning and understand the relationship, communication and the way of living happily between human and elephant. By our activities, our guest will get more closer to the elephant and gain more experience with our charming elephants than just riding them.
            If possible, we would like to have a chance to give you a great once in your life experiences with "Elephant".


Bananas is the elephant's favorites. And there are also use as an intermediation of friendship between you and elephant.


Trainer or Mahout are the peoples who love and committed to elephant. They dedicate themself to stay with elephant as long as they could sharing each other emotions. With our 8 years of experiences with elephant and our professional trainer could help you to feel that you are once an "Elephant's Trainer" as they are.


Our authentic Thai food provided for you in our activities was reflected the Thai heritage which host the guests with warm welcome and make you feel special.

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How do you reach Chang Siam, Chiangmai? You can ask for our information and book our activities with the Tour desk, Travel agency or Hotel concierge around Chiangmai. You can booked Chang Siam at our office in Chiangmai city or by phone or email and our website as well.
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